...A full service 3PL company strategically located in Northeast Pennsylvania.

This is a picture of a kitting warehouse.

Logistics Services provided:

  • Integrated Logistics

  • Just In Time (JIT)

  • Inbound Logistics

  • Inventory Management

  • Lot/Batch Control

Logistics Services

East Coast Logistics and Distribution, Inc. can provide your facility with JIT operations to insure your customers receive product on a timely basis. We also can provide your manufacturing process a JIT system where by we can store and provide material as required.

We can manage all or part of your freight with your company having complete visiblilty and control of your products or simply managed by us. Either way your company will have flawless operations.

East Coast Logistics and Distribution, Inc. will improve quality of service to your customers and reduce costs by combining our expertise, flexibility, scale, and our proximity to major markets in the Northeast.

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